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Haymaker Store

Haymaker Village is one of our newest locations to the “Puff” family opening February 3, 2014. Located in the Haymaker Village shopping center in Monroeville, our store caters to a large variety of customers of all ages and walks of life. It is also convenient to our customers in the Trafford and Pitcairn areas. We are clean, organized, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and extremely inviting. We sell a large variety of products from cigarettes, chew, cigars, home rolling machines and accessories, as well as drinks and snacks! We also have electronic cigarettes and vapes with many options to choose from. If there is a certain product that we do not carry, we will do our best to get that item in stock for you.

Lottery is a huge seller at all our locations. At our store we will do our best to ensure correct numbers are entered and new games are available.

Here not only do we pride ourselves learn our customers style of cigarette, bag tobacco, or anything else they need, we also will get to know their names. People become more than just customers to us they become friends, as are we more than co-workers, we are like family!

Now Also a Vapor Store: Puff Discount Tobacco in Haymaker Village (Monroeville)

Vapor products have become super popular among our clients in recent years, so we knew that we had to start stocking a wide variety of vapor devices, liquids, accessories, and more immediately. At each of our stores you will find an amazing selection of vapor products to meet your needs.

Some (But Not All!) Products Carried at the Haymaker Village Store

• The best place to do the Pennsylvania State Lottery
• Bag tobacco
• Cigarettes
• Vapor products
• Home rolling machines
• Vaporizers

Mon-sat: 9AM - 6PM
Sun: 10AM - 5PM

Phone: 412-373-2125

Dawn Friedland
Kelley Felix
Joyann Lingenfelter