Welcome to our

Kittanning Store

In the country side of along the Allegheny River is where you will find our Kittanning location. Along with your tobacco needs we sell Lottery, Electronic cigarettes, Vapes and newspapers. We specialize in Roll Your Own at home.  Myself (Roger) along with my friendly staff, are ready to discuss with you, your options and about how much money you could save today.

My name is Cheyanna Mack I have been employed with this company for 6 years and been in management for 2 years and work alongside Robyn Lasher, Shannon Stephens and Donna Ament the best part of our job is getting to know our customers and forming a special friendship with them. The staff here treat our customers just like family and we look forward to forming a friendship with you too. See you soon.

Mon-sat: 10AM - 6PM
Sun: 10AM - 4PM

Phone: 724-545-9571

Roger Mack
Cheyanna Mack
Robyn Lasher
Jani Shearer