Puff Discount offers a wide variety of cigarettes for our customers with many different flavors from regular to ultra light as well as kings and 100’s. If your cigarette is not available please ask the sales clerk and we will do our best to have it in stock within one week. Our cigarettes are at the lowest prices allowed by Pennsylvania law. As we realize cigarettes are taxed to the point that makes it difficult to purchase, we do offer many off brands of cigarettes that are more economical and we recommend that rolling your own cigarettes would be the cheapest way yet to purchase your cigarette needs.

  • RJ Reynolds
    • Newport
    • Camel
    • American Spirit
    • Pall Mall
  • Phillip Morris
    • Marlboro
    • VirginiaSlim
    • L & M
  • ITG Brands LLC
    • Kool
    • Winston
    • Maverick
    • USA Gold
  • Liggett
    • Pyramid
    • Eagle 20
    • Wave
  • Other brands you may be looking for
    • Capri
    • Misty
    • Benson & Hedges
    • More
    • Kent
    • Tareyton

If you do not happen to see your brand, or would like us to carry yours?  Just let a sales associate or the manager know and we will gladly order it for you.