Roll Your Own

The economy is tough. The government is taking more and more money out of our pocket by taxing our cigarettes to an unreasonable level. Did you know that Pennsylvania is one of only two states that does not put a tax on tobacco products other than cigarettes?

Take advantage of this and roll your own. By rolling your own you can relive the times when cigarettes were $.50 a pack. The time consuming act of rolling cigarettes are over. We have electric machines that are very simple to use and our experienced associates will gladly give you a demonstration on how easy it is. We carry a full line of roll your own products from tobacco to tubes as well as cases and other accessories. We handle a number of different companies that allow you to have a choice in the type and style of tobacco you would prefer.

Come on in and let Puff Discount Tobacco add more money to your pocket by lowering your tobacco expense.